Unshin Ohara Ohara School of Ikebana ("Ohara-ryū") was founded in 1895 by Unshin Ohara. At this time, Japan was had been looking towards the West, so new styles were developed.

The Ohara School was officially founded in 1912, and in 1916, Unshin was succeeded by Second Headmaster Koun Ohara (1880-1938), who developed and established set techniques for Moribana. Koun held ikebana exhibitions in public places like department stores, and worked hard to promote Ohara ikebana.

Third Headmaster Houn Ohara (1908-1995) succeeded his father in 1938. As soon as the Second World War was over, he began his creative activity, and in 1964, Houn Ohara created the Rimpa Arrangement, which was based on the highly decorative works of the Rimpa paintings, which flourished during the Edo Period.

Houn's son Natsuki (1949-1992) became Headmaster Designate in 1972, but he became ill and passed away while Houn was still Headmaster. Natsuki was posthumously named Fourth Headmaster. 

Now, in the 21st century, the Ohara School looks forward to further prosperity under the leadership of the young Fifth Headmaster, Hiroki Ohara.


Koun Ohara (2nd)
2nd Headmaster
Koun Ohara (1880-1938)
Koun Ohara (2nd)
3rd Headmaster
Houn Ohara (1908-1995)
Koun Ohara (2nd)
4th Headmaster
Natsuki Ohara (1949-1992)
Koun Ohara (2nd)
5th Headmaster (since 2011)
Hiroki Ohara


Ohara School of Ikebana - England Chapter

The Ohara Ikebana School - England Chapter was founded on 16th July 1980 at Cornwall Gardens in West London. The England Chapter started with a total of nineteen founder members. Mrs. Hilde Woodman was our first president.

The chapter has successfully continued to form a very capable and hard working group of members dedicated to spreading and enjoying the beauty of Ohara Ikebana.

Chapter meetings started at the upstairs room of the Royal Horticulture Society's New Hall, and from February 2006 till April 2008 at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden. Our main meeting place now is the Daiwa Foundation, Japan House, in Cornwall Terrace by Regents Park, which we have been using for nearly 20 years.

The Chapter hold regular meetings and workshops, and has participated in exhibitions at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows, the London Flower Show at the Guildhall and at other events too.

Apart from regular exhibitions, the Chapter has organised on an 'every other year' basis seminars, special workshops and demonstrations by professors sent from the Ohara headquarters in Japan. From time to time the Chapter invites masters from other European Chapters.

As well as many members from all over the world, the Ohara School of Ikebana England Chapter is unique in that there are a number of Japanese members, masters and beginners, either visiting or living here. All the members enjoy learning each others' Ikebana experiences and also Japanese culture and history. 

We have been enjoying the friendships created through Ohara Ikebana since 1980.